Monday, June 15, 2009

arriving somewhere

The morning, the Sun, the yellow big flower and even the grass was different. One glass of water with a newspaper was all that he needed to start the morning, which he thought had to be perfect. While putting the chair in front of his room he thought about everything he had dreamt about “the day”, just to realize that he should better start getting ready for the day. As soon as he had finished the front page of the newspaper, he put back the newspaper at the table and took a look at the clock.
With a toothbrush in one hand and nothing in the other he walked towards the bathroom, just to wonder how many of his neighbors had woken up and had tasted the morning and the tooth cream. He brushed his teeth and looked up in the mirror, adjusted his hair and a splash of water on the face followed. He looked up in the mirror again. He went to the toilet hurriedly but sat there quietly for quite long. He actually liked it, sitting where no one disturbs and no one will, as no one had. He washed his hands and looked up in the mirror. He came back to the bath room but this time with a handful of cosmetics. He went to take a shower and realized how important the day today was and started thinking again. He realized the fact that he was thinking a lot that day but he loved thinking, imagining, and so he didn’t stop and started thinking how later he would change his habit of “thinking a lot”. While going back to his room again he had a look in the mirror just to come back again with a hair gel in his hands. He tried his best to give his hair a perfect look .He wore the pre decided clothes, took his copy and pen and had his breakfast. He was ready for the first day of College.

The habit of having breakfast has gone, but of thinking a lot hasn’t. No more he looks in the mirror again but still he sits in the toilet for quite long. Cigarette has replaced the morning newspaper but he still believes “the morning, the Sun, the grass and the yellow big flower” were different on the first day.