Sunday, July 5, 2009


Gira pada tha yahan, tumne thoker mar ke pare kar diya,
Dekh raha tha aasman, tumne mutthi mein bhar liya,
Kitni lambi udaan thi ,tumne vo dikha di,
Raaste ka kankar tha, tumne jindagi sikha di….

Kal milunga kisi aur mod pe,koi aur thokar mar jayega,
Laaoge apne kadam ke neeche, tumhare sath vala kuch suna jayega,
Hasi khushi,gum aason sab dekha hai sab dekh ke jaaoge,
Pathar dil pathar ko jano,jeena seekh jaaoge.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I lost my toy bug. He was cute, and I loved him. He had that deceptive smile on his face and yes there was something mysterious about it, but for me the smile was nothing but an expression of approval, sometimes, and mockery most of the times. Really, it was mockery; you know he laughed at me when I told him about the crush I had on this girl and the time when I had a fight with my best friend, you won’t believe but he laughed at that time too. I lost my toy bug and I seriously miss him. I wonder who else will be there when I’ll just be pissed off and will be in the” I like Kurt Cobain” mood, who else will tell me everything will be just fine and will laugh again; yes ,yes ,yes he used to laugh a lot.

He listened to everything I told him, never did he get bore. I remember how many times he spent whole night being awake, just listening to me and my boring stories again and again. I lost my toy bug and I miss him a lot.